Erreà Sport is proud to announce that it has reached a technical sponsorship agreement with Ethiopia's national football team. A four-year contract will see Erreà kitting out both the Ethiopian men's and women's national teams and supplying material for their respective youth sectors. This truly prestigious collaboration will significantly increase the involvement, on the African market, of the Erreà brand, that is already present with numerous partnerships, particularly in Gabon. The presentation of the deal also represents an opportunity to unveil the new kit for the men's national team, created and manufactured by Erreà for this important occasion. With colours that are evocative of the national flag (green-yellow-red), that are a feature of the kit as a whole, the green coloured shirt is embellished by a yellow band that cuts across it horizontally, at chest level. A colour theme that is replicated along the sleeve edges and around the V-neck collar. The shorts are yellow and embellished with a red band down the side, which is also the colour of the socks. The colour of the kit is rounded off with the Ethiopian flag which is located on the top left of the shirt, with a smaller version appearing on the back between the collar and the shirt number. A major feature of the kit is the extremely lightweight fabric that is particularly soft, providing a characteristic "second skin" effect which assists athletic movements without obstructing them with a result offering great comfort and practicality.