The new CD Numancia de Soria shirts for the forthcoming 2017-2018 season combine respect for tradition with the elegance of simplicity and the search for innovation. Classic in the choice of colours, the first team kit reveals some important innovations in the way of style and creation. The traditional red background has a crew neck with edgings and visible stitchings in blue, that embellish the line, rendering it more modern. It is precisely the stylistic details, that are typical of shirtwear, such as the raw cut and cuffs that transform the kit into a garment that has the finish and style to match that of any casual product. With the semi-fitted wearability confirmed, the true innovation lies in the fabric from which it is made, with a special honeycomb weave made up of micro air chambers that guarantees remarkable breathability and extreme lightness. The two-ply thread is made up of different colours in order to obtain the characteristic melange, a light-dark effect obtained with a double dyeing that is typical of the leisurewear style. Soft and comfortable to the touch, the fabric follows every movement of the body with extraordinary naturalness. The shorts are all red, bordered by a final blue edging. The second kit, that is also traditional, has the customary diagonal lilac stripe against a white background, whereas the choice for the innovative third kit has fallen upon an unprecedented aqua blue. Both use the same model and fabric as the first kit. It is worth highlighting some new detail and refinements in style, such as the club's website address ( inside the collar and the symbol of Numantine resistance, transfer printed in the middle of the kit, to mark the anniversary of the city's heroic opposition to conquest by the Romans.