The countdown is nearly over. Erreà Sport, the "local supplier" for the Italian phase of the ISL (International Swimming League) event, which will be held at the Scandone swimming pool in Naples from 26 August – 30 September, presents its dedicated Capsule collection.

The company will kit out 250 participants including the competition officials and poolside staff. Volunteer staff and management will all wear a t-shirt, polo shirt and Bermuda shorts, while a fully tailor-made line, consisting of polo shirt and trousers, will be created for the 60 competition officials.

This capsule collection presents an iconic kit created and designed to celebrate this extraordinary sporting event and is the result of the extraordinary inventiveness of Erreà Sport's Design Department which drew its initial inspiration from the ISL logo and its characteristic elements, revisited in a new guise thanks to an original exercise in style.

The ISL Collection seeks to reinterpret the image of the event, bringing to life, on a graphic design level, a unique block pattern which is the main element featured on all the garments.

Sweatshirts, polo shirts, T-shirts and cover masks, all in blue, light blue and white, are characterized by the repetition of the same sublimation-printed pattern which innovatively echoes the main elements of the ISL logo and its lettering.

A new way of communicating thanks to iconic garments that highly emphasize the idea of personalization, an aspect which has always been synonymous with Erreà, enhancing the concept of image and identity in a truly striking way.