Erreà Sport is donating special coveralls to the Parma branch of the Yellow Cross (a volunteer emergency medical service). These overalls, created with the use of nanotechnologies, are specially designed for health workers dealing with the Covid-19 emergency 

Not just team kits and sportswear.

At a time when we are facing grave difficulties and a global health emergency, Erreà Sport has decided to make its own personal contribution by putting to good use the experience it has acquired in years of manufacturing sports clothing and researching technical fabrics. 

In fact, after careful study, the company has developed and produced special coveralls for the Seirs Parma Yellow Cross Association, uniforms that health care workers will use when transferring Covid-19 patients from one hospital department to another in the city of Parma and its province. 

These suits are made from the exclusive Ti-energy fabric, characterized by the use of silver and titanium nanoparticles incorporated directly into the fibres of the fabric to provide important water-repellent and antibacterial properties. These particles create a barrier that prevents deep penetration of liquids (thus eliminating the risk of contagion) and, thanks to the silver, they are able to combat bacterial proliferation. These are essential qualities for those who, in this critical moment in time, are working to combat the virus with every available means. 

Thanks to this revolutionary fabric, these coveralls are washable for sanitization purposes and offer the additional advantage of being extremely fast-drying, meaning operators can change them for each single hospital transfer. 

This is just our way of giving a small helping hand to those who are ceaselessly working day and night to help tackle this emergency, with the intent that everyone, in their own small way, can continue to do their part.