Erreà Sport and The North, Central American and Caribbean Volleyball ConfederationNORCECA have reached an agreement for the homologation of volleyball uniforms of the Italian manufacturer so they can be used by teams participating in its competitions.

The announcement was made by the President of NORCECA, Mr. Cristóbal Marte Hoffiz, who referred to Erreà as a “fast growing company whose uniforms are used by teams in Italy, France, Netherlands, Belgium , Dominican Republic (men) and Puerto Rico."

Erreà in 2010 its volleyball uniforms were homologated by the International Volleyball Federation, FIVB. "We are pleased to announce that this agreement runs until 2024 and willbenefit ERREA, our institution and those national teams using their products," said Marte Hoffiz.

The NORCECA Confederation organizes multiple continental events in different categories and its four Zonal Associations –NCCA, AFECAVOL, CAZOVA and ECVA- carry out their regional competitions.