The official ball created by Erreà Sport for the new season of Lega Pro has been revealed.

The name and the slogan of this original new ball express and symbolise the meaning - in both graphic and conceptual terms - that has inspired its creation.

“Connector”, the initial of which pays tribute to the category it belongs to, the Italian Serie C, highlights interconnection the Lega Pro teams are able to create throughout Italy, with a desire for an increased sense of unity and to launch a clear message. This concept is expressed in the slogan “the ball that’s good for the country”.

It’s this sense of belonging to an area that is one of the founding values of this new project. This characteristic is highlighted clearly by the name of all the regions printed on panels. There’s a finer, much more subtle detail, though: to read the name of each region, it’s not enough to just roll the ball around in your hands. You have to examine it carefully: the aim of how Connector is designed was to allow the user to consider each individual region in Italy one after the other. The idea is to take a closer look at each area, to try to grasp its essence, appreciate its distinctive features and values, each one of which offers something truly unique.

Connector is a skilful blend of innovation and technology.

Cheerful and colourful, in a bold, bright shade of bordeaux (the second version will be exactly the same, but in a vibrant shade of yellow), is immediately reminiscent of the young target it is aimed at, and which it addresses by focusing clearly on the future, with a nod, in terms of style, to the world of interconnections and video games.

In technical terms, the model studied by Erreà for Lega Pro has an innovative structure composed of 32 thermally bonded panels that makes it ideal for top-level competitions. In addition to greater stability in trajectories and an explosive response to footballers' feet, the thermally bonded structure and the R-176 textured polyurethane micro particle coating also guarantee impermeability and maintain the ball’s properties in all playing conditions.

A statement by Angelo Gandolfi, President of Erreà Sport: “We’re extremely happy and satisfied with this result. In the last few months, we’ve worked very hard and enthusiastically, in close contact with Lega Pro, with whom we’re “interconnected” in terms of values, intentions and the message we’re seeking to launch with this new ball.  I think it’s absolutely necessary, especially at this particular time, to pull together, to understand each other and to recognise each other’s finest values. This recognition is the only way we’ll be able to build something important for our future.  It is only thanks to this desire to pull together and work together that Italian football clubs will be able to bring new vital energy to the game, and to continue to live and evolve. We’re proud to have created ‘the ball that’s good for the country’. It’s a mission we like very much, and we’re proud to support it together with Lega Pro.”

“Our aim is to be increasingly representative of the ties that bind football, clubs and their local areas together.  And this ball is perfectly emblematic of this. It’s time to look to the future, to young people: football needs them on the terraces.  This is exactly our message. A ball is worth a thousand words, it’s able to convey emotions. I hope Connector will be able to transmit plenty of emotions during this coming season, which we hope will mark a whole new start.  I hope it will symbolise the start of a return of spectators to the terraces, and that it will be possible to relax the health and safety measures. Let’s hope the Connector ball will help us to pick up the thread of normality,” said the President of Lega Pro, Francesco Ghirelli.

The new “Connector” ball is on sale on the Erreà Sport website and is available from all official retailers.