A totally vintage look and flavour are the inspiration behind the limited edition strip which Erreà Sport, in collaboration with Ado Den Haag, has created to mark the 115th year of the club's history.

The sophisticated celebratory shirt, on which attention has been paid to the smallest of detail, is a reinterpretation of the historic top from the 1985-86 season - worn by renowned torch-bearer Ron de Roode- from which it draws its inspiration.

This revamping, in a modern and contemporary key, confirms the unmistakeable retro style and focusses on the simplicity and elegance of the lines. The colours are totally traditional, with yellow dominating the shirt. The top's upper part has a wide horizontal stripe on which the logos of the Club and Erreà appear, whilst its central part is characterised by a background that is enlivened by vertical thin green lines. The upper part of the shirt is a single shade of green, as are the sleeves and the round neck collar that have yellow finishes. The neck tape, on the inside of the shirt, has iconic words such as “fight” and “passion” printed on it.

In the lower part of the shirt, there is a high-definition numbered label, that to all intents and purposes makes this a piece of memorabilia and a unique collector's piece.

The semi-fitted wearability perfectly matches the use of a technical fabric that is characterised by the presence of tiny micro-holes that optimise ventilation and regulation of the body’s temperature, and is perfect for football.

To mark this significant milestone, the goalkeeper's top is also a leap into the past. A small, stylish, white polo collar and sleeve ends, round off a pattern of diagonal dark blue and light blue stripes that fill the entire top - with the exception of the sleeves that are totally blue.