Erreà Sport is delighted to announce the renewal of the technical partnership that will tie it to the men’s and women's French Volleyball Federation for the next 4 years. This move is the product and result of a successful collaboration that has seen the two parties working closely together since 2008, allowing them to achieve truly significant and ambitious results.

In particular, the men's national team won an historic gold medal at the recent Olympic Games in Tokyo.

The French Volleyball Federation organises, develops and oversees volleyball, sitting volley, beach volley, and deaf volleyball, with a focus at all times on ethics, solidarity and civic promotion. Erreà Sport has made a name for itself over the years with, and continues to produce and develop, various lines of bespoke merchandising it has created for the representations, comprehensive and entirely customised collections.

Enzo Montrucchio said: “What binds us to the French Volleyball Federation is not - and is not intended to be - just a simple supply or collaboration agreement. For years we have been working and undertaking a unique process that will, first and foremost, be a project of involvement. Erreà is a company of ideas and values, and our intention and strongest ambition is to set out programmes and objectives that can be developed and built together.”