Four rackets, a ball, four players and a real desire to run.

By now there's no doubt: padel is the sport of the moment (or, more accurately, of the last two years). The direct descendent of tennis and the closest relative to squash, it has managed to win over thousands – in fact tens of thousands – of enthusiasts in just a few years.

From north to south, there is no longer a city, tourist resort or beach that is not equipped for one of these courts, which are literally flooded with players armed with the sport's strange "perforated" racket.

Padel is a sport open to all: men, women, children and older people having fun, even with limited skill.

As in any sport, however, every detail counts in padel, and so it is recommended to dress to optimise performance, from the shirt to the shorts.

The Erreà Sport "Padel Collection" focuses on practicality, offering maximum comfort during play, combined with top design.

The product of a major creative undertaking by the Erreà Design Department, the kit takes inspiration from its '90s collections, revisited with a pop twist to create a new look thanks to an original exercise in style.

The original texture lends itself perfectly to showcasing the pattern, focusing on geometric effects, perspectives and shades. The keenest observers will also note the repetition of the Erreà logo in various positions.

T-shirt, tank, shorts, skirt, hoodie and sleeves, available in blue, white, black, fuchsia and cyan, are characterised by the repetition of an original block pattern in contrasting colours, positioned on the right-hand side of all of the items to emphasise the gestural nature of the movement.

The collection is made from soft, breathable Mundial fabric, characterised by micro-holes that facilitate quick sweat evaporation and rapid drying.

Like all Erreà Sport products, the Padel Collection has obtained STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX certification, which sets extremely strict limits on substances that are harmful to health.

A new way of communicating thanks to iconic garments that highly emphasize the idea of personalization, an aspect which has always been synonymous with Erreà Sport, enhancing the concept of image and identity in a truly striking way.

The collection will be available from 24 March at Erreà Play stores and on the website.