The quest for a new design and a different look has produced bold, captivating results in the new Modena Volley kits for the 2020-2021 season.

A fresh look for the first two kits, with the wide horizontal stripes being replaced by a clean, elegant design. Yellow dominates, with dark blue being reserved for the V-neck, sleeves and left side.

The second kit, featuring the same minimalist design, sees the home colour scheme reversed: here blue is the dominant colour, embellished with yellow trims and details.

One thing that has not changed since last season is the use of Aria fabric across all the shirts. A state-of-the-art Italian product, it is known for its exceptional elegance and breathability. Characterised by tiny micro holes which let air in and heat out, close-fitting but light, Aria is ideal for ensuring maximum comfort during competition while at the same time offering impeccable wearability.

The two libero shirts stand out for their original, lively colour scheme, featuring bold shades like light blue and green, and an interesting geometric motif made up of blurred, interwoven lines. Pride of place is given to the hashtag #esuquestononcipiove, a tribute to the sponsor “Canovi Coperture”.