At a time when a feeling of uncertainty about the future looms heavily upon us, we've been asking ourselves what matters most to us. Now, more than ever before, the importance of keeping our IDENTITY, upholding our role as Italian manufacturers and suppliers of technical sportswear for those who love sports is perfectly clear to us.

At the heart of our business we have always focused our attention on the quality of our relationships and human rapport with all the players in the world of sport: athletes, clubs, federations and retailers.

The same constant attention we devote to the quality of our products. We give health and safety absolute priority over prices and sales. This explains our commitment to producing clothing for both children and adults, Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified since 2007, which guarantees clean sport both on the field and on skin.

This period is an opportunity for everyone to rediscover authenticity, to give even more value and meaning to what we believe in and do.

Aware of the challenges and trials that await us, we will continue to walk alongside those who, like you and like us, love life and sport.