Tradition and change come together in Grimsby Town's new official kits, created once again by Erreà Sport, the Club’s technical sponsor. For the 2018 - 2019 season the classical aligns itself, in particular, with the search for something new, to the care and attention to detail and to innovation both in style and fabric.   In keeping with tradition, the first shirt features the traditional pattern of black vertical stripes on a white background, embellished by red edges and inserts along the collar and sleeves. The elegant and original collar reproduces the normal round neck collar with a small overlap in the centre that emphasises the refined graphics of the black, white and red sleeve ends. The inside of the collar has a key feature that highlights the Club's 140th anniversary with the dates 1878-2018. The Club's logo is in high-definition and embroidered on the top left of the shirt. A new mesh insert, stitched under the sleeves, not only makes the shirt's line more elegant but also guarantees greater freshness and breathability. The close fitting wearability combines with the technical fabric used to make the shirt, that is particularly lightweight, soft, breathable and suitable for following the body's movement with naturalness.   The away shirt comes in a bold, striking red, combined with the black sleeves, the same colour as the collar's high insert characterised by a particular V design. The real innovation consists in the B-Hive thread used to make the away kit, an innovative fabric constructed with a special honeycomb weave consisting of micro air chambers. The two-ply, but extremely lightweight thread is made up of fibres of different coloured fibres in order to produce the characteristic melange, a light-dark effect obtained with a a frequently used double dyeing that is typical of the leisurewear style. The same fabric is stitched down the sides in a reverse manner with the visible B-Hive weave that renders the graphics even more lively and original.   The third kit, in purple with a white collar is also eye-catching and lively. The main features consist of the broad horizontal black stripes that are not sharp but run around the entire shirt with a very light texture and a nuanced effect. B-Hive has also been used for the purple shirt and, thanks to its minute air chambers, it leads to less fibre coming into contact with the skin and ensures exceptional body temperature regulation, as well a feeling of intense comfort.