A casual inspiration characterizes the style of the new Milton Keynes Dons uniforms that succeeds in perfectly combining, in an original and exclusive mix, the technical qualities of the fabric and a vocation for casual. Realized with an innovative material woven with a particular honeycomb pattern to create small pockets of air, the new combination of yarns succeeds in providing a remarkable breathing effect and extreme lightness. A smaller amount of fabric in contact with the skin thanks to the presence of the tiny air pockets enables extraordinary regulation of body temperature and a feeling of intense comfort. The yarn is double and composed of fibres with different tones to obtain the characteristic “ mélange” colour, a chiaroscuro effect obtained with double dyeing typical of casual style. With a soft, comfortable feel, the fabric follows each movement of the body with extraordinary naturalness. Other stylistic details typical of plush items , like the neck cut, the decorative, crossed stitching on the front, the raw edges and lapels transform a football jersey into a finished garment as cared for as a glamour casual product. The first kit is in the traditional white with a semi-adherent fit and contrast stitching. The shield is embroidered and a particular gps pocket is positioned on the back of the jersey beneath the collar. The away kit is all red, while the third set features an aggressive “total black”.