Erreà Sport has been supplying Athletica Vaticana with competition and teamwear clothing for more than a year now, in a collaboration that it is hoped will be strengthened still further with the first ever sports association established within the Vatican. The collaboration between Erreà and Athletica Vaticana is founded, first and foremost, on shared ethical and moral principles that characterise the profound identity of both of them, and that has made this significant partnership possible. Priority values that are ingrained into Erreà's corporate values, and which have led to Athletica Vaticana appointing it as its supplier of technical material. The fundamental respect for the the health of athletes and consumers, guaranteed by OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 Certification that certifies the safety of all Erreà products; the extreme attention paid to the quality and choice of fabrics; the representing of a manufacturing brand that is a symbol of the excellence of Italian made products in the teamwear sector, were all key factors in a profitable and highly prestigious collaboration. A hugely significant collaboration that the President of Erreà Sport, Angelo Gandolfi, commented on as follows: “We are extremely honoured to be taking part in today's historic presentation, and truly proud to be able to kit out the Holy See's athletes both with our competitive as well as leisurewear garments. This is a partnership that we hope will continue into the future, and one of which we are very proud, because of the shared intentions and values that underpin it. It is a unique collaboration for us, and we will put all of the experience and seriousness into it that we have acquired in the world of sport, and which, I am certain, can constitute an important milestone and a reciprocal enrichment.” As Monsignor Melchor Sánchez de Toca, President of Athletica Vaticana explained: “We were struck by the attention paid to the rights of workers, with Erreà's decision not to move production outside of the European Union, to countries where workers, and above all children, are exploited. We also found ourselves agreeing on the need to turn our attention to product quality, with an ethical profile, and a focus on the environment, which can also be found in the encyclical by Pope Francis entitled “Laudato si’”.