The Stripe iD range by Erreà Sport also makes its first appearance in the Italian Serie C football league.

The exclusive wearers are U.S. Alessandria Calcio 1912 that, like other prestigious clubs in the top tiers of Italian football, have chosen to embrace the project and language of Erreà’s Stripe iD. 

STRIPE iD is intended to represent a new level and experience of customisation that places teams and the concept of “identity” at its centre. A collection consisting of team and leisurewear garments with a casual, refined touch, characterised by the presence of the celebrated stripe, totally customised to the specifications of sports clubs.

For this, all of the elements that make up the stripe present on the garments of the “Greys” have been designed and created to emphasise their inimitable image and render it special.

Sweatshirts and polo shirts have an anthracite grey background with large white inserts on the sleeves on which the famous transfer printed stripe identifies this innovative range. The light grey stripe has the word “ALESSANDRIA, in black, that is repeated and nestled between two thin red lines with the Erreà logo in the centre.

It is a collection that is designed to enhance, to the utmost, the culture of customisation, the company’s true strong point, and to involve, even more deeply, the clubs that are, in every respect, called upon to become an integral and active part of the creative process.

The result is the creation of modern, extremely trendy garments that make it possible to wear one’s own identity, making it even stronger, thanks to an elegant, striking style, that is unique and exclusive and totally made to measure.