2 Nov 2022

Erreà Sport expands market in Libya

Erreà Sport expands its market in North Africa, and more precisely in Libya.
Thanks, in fact, to the collaboration with the local distributor Al Nokhba, Erreà Sport will dress two prestigious clubs of the Libyan First League: Alittihad Misurata SC and Al-Suqoor Club for the 2022 - 2023 season.
Over the past few days, the Parma-based company has been the official sponsor of the event organised by the Libyan Football Federation and the Libyan Olympic Committee, Acacus Lybian Sports Awards, which every year presents the prize to the best player, the referee and the outstanding person in the league.
Angelo Gandolfi, President of Erreà Sport: "We are also present in Libya. We are sure that we will work together with great enthusiasm and passion. Hopefully, it will coincide with the achievement of important sporting goals."




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