Volleyball Knee Pads

Volleyball Knee Pads

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Volleyball Knee Pads

Volleyball knee pads are absolute must-haves for anyone who plays this dynamic, high-impact sport. During a match or during training, you may have to throw yourself to the ground in a defensive move, or you may lose your footing following a reckless jump.

This is why knee pads really are 'lifesavers' for volleyball players and must be strong and durable while guaranteeing optimal leg mobility.

The knees are among the most delicate of our joints and it is of paramount importance to protect them from injuries that can last a lifetime, from adolescence through to adulthood. Investing in high-quality volleyball knee pads is indispensable for protecting your knees, while guaranteeing maximum freedom of movement during play. Choose the model that best suits your needs and enjoy your best game on the court!

The best, professional

Erreà knee pads are a superlative choice for all volleyball players, professionals and amateurs alike. Our knee pads are designed with safety and optimal performance in mind, irrespective of your level.

The models available include:


Tokyo knee pads: distinguished by their anatomical construction, their covering fabric in tubular elastic cotton and protection in moulded polyurethane foam. The ideal choice for professionals and amateurs alike.


Seth knee pads: made following ergonomic criteria, with differentiated reinforcement for a closer fit. The ideal choice for professionals.


Atena knee pads: also available in XS size, ideal for boys and girls. Entry level model, which nevertheless guarantees maximum protection.


Sizes: how to choose them


Choosing the right size for volleyball knee pads is based on the circumference of the leg. To get accurate results, measure your leg circumference approx. 15 cm below the centre of your kneecap. In a matter of minutes you will find your ideal size, which will guarantee a perfect fit and optimal protection during play.

Here is a knee pad size guide:

For girls and boys

If you are looking for the right volleyball knee pad for a young player, Erreà has the perfect solution to your needs. The Atena knee pad is also available in size XS, and has been especially designed for boys and girls who are keen to start playing this exciting sport.

Erreà's Atena model provides the protection needed for young athletes' knees, so that they have fun playing, safely.

Erreà children's volleyball knee pads are made of high-quality materials and provide the perfect combination of comfort and durability. With Erreà, your little athletes will be all set to shine on the court!