30 nov 2022

Club Atlético Belgrano: Erreà signs the Pirates' third jersey

Erreà Sport and Club Atlético Belgrano present the third jersey of the current De Alma Pirata 2022 collection.


After the initial success of the work focused on the search for the purest identity of Belgrano, here is the new shirt game uniform that reinforces the pirate idiosyncrasy and the union with the fans.


The iconography and classic pirate symbols, such as the ship, the helm, the lighthouse and the skull, are incorporated in a low-contrast graphic, combined with dark tones on the upper part of the shirt and white on the lower part.


The shield and appliqués are in a deeper blue colour. The coat of arms is a dated version of the traditional shield, of which only the letters CAB are visible in an embossed pattern.


The collar is classic and round, while the fabrics used are light and breathable, guaranteeing elasticity and comfort for better athletic performance.

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