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Erreà Republic

Welcome to Erreà's Republic line, where passion for sport meets casual and contemporary style. Republic represents the dynamism of the new generations, designed for those who make sportswear a lifestyle. Our unique and expressive garments embody values deeply connected to sport and athleticism.

Uncompromised Comfort and Breathability

Every piece in the Republic line is crafted from high-quality materials, ensuring comfort and breathability without compromise. The wide range of available colors and styles meets everyone's needs, offering versatile choices for every occasion, from training to leisure.

Functional Style and Unique Design

Erreà Republic is not just sportswear; it's a style statement that combines functionality and design. By choosing Republic, you embrace a new way of living sport, with a unique and personal look that stands out for its originality and quality. Here are the 3 main lines that characterize Republic garments:


With fluo inserts and available in three colour options – black, navy and grey mix – and with a minimal design, it delivers the perfect combination of warmth, lightness and breathability thanks to the highly technical fabrics used. Greeting the skin with a soft, gentle feel as soon as you put it on, it is perfect for those seeking a technical garment that combines practicality and simplicity.


With summer on the way, here is a collection that adds colour to your wardrobe, offering both bright shades and tropical-style prints that can be worn to live the summer season to the full. Inspired by the values of sport, this line is characterised by comfort and the dynamism of the graphics thanks to the fresh fabrics. The more striking tones, such as yellow and fluorescent green, contrast with the more serious grey, blue and black, highlighting the urban feel of the collection.


The Essential line is characterised by the wide range of colours available and the graphics that give the distinctive elements of the Erreà logo a new look, perfect for mixing and matching to meet the needs of the moment. Classic garments are reinvented with a particular focus on quality, wearability and a minimalist aesthetic, in various options.

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