1 Oct 2022

Erreà Sport's third Boro jersey finally unveiled

On the occasion of the away match in Coventry against City, the 'Boro' players will wear the third uniform designed by Erreà Sport.


White, black and red, the social colours of the club, the new uniform stands out for its boldness: on a white base in fact, the lion symbol of the team is reproduced in red or black, and on the upper part of the uniform in a stylised way.


The result is a simple but eye-catching design made complete by the crew-neck collar and black ribbed sleeve edging.


Made with the sublimation technique and with a close fit, the jersey is made of Mundial, a soft and breathable fabric with a double-holed construction, characterised by the presence of micro-holes that favour rapid evaporation of perspiration and quick drying. The result is a lively jersey with an attractive, abstract design reminiscent of the effect of marble.


The fabric is ideal for football, opaque and comfortable, is impervious to mould and bacteria and dries extremely quickly.




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