10 Mar 2023

From North to South Erreà celebrates its ten teams that compete in Lega Pro

Fiorenzuola, Novara, Pescara, Pontedera, Potenza, Pro Sesto, San Giuliano City, Trento, Triestina and Virtus Verona. What do they have in common? These 10 Lega Pro clubs all dress Erreà: from North to South the distance is minimal.

As always, the work done on the jerseys is 'four-handed': these are not simple kits with matching jersey and shorts. The uniforms always have a meaning, whether it is an anniversary of an important date, a reference to a victory or simply the depiction of a symbol dear to the fans.




Simple and elegant, the home  shirt once again feature the club’s classic red, with an image in the same colours that pays tribute to the “Zobia”, the traditional Fiorenzuola Carnival dating back to the Middle Ages, the unique feature of which is that masks are not worn.





As per last year, the club and the company were keen to pay tribute to the Piedmontese city and tradition. The first shirt is in the classic light blue with an unusual white V-neck collar, like the edges of the sleeves which also feature a thin red band




Classic in tone, the first jersey offers the traditional white and blue vertical stripes characterised by an original brushed effect, and an elegant polo collar with light blue and blue details.

The turtleneck on the inside by the sweatband customised with the words 'Noi siamo Pescara', by the bezel that picks up the pattern according to the jersey, and by the insertion of the dolphin symbol accompanied by the city's initials: 'PE'.





The shirt was selected by the fans and feature the history of Pontedera, a town located near Pisa, with its own heroes and colours.

On a garnet-coloured background, the kit displays a tone-on-tone design of a four-lobed shape, a type of frame used in the Renaissance art of Andrea d’Ugolino da Pontedera, also repeated on the right sleeve.

The V-neck is in the garnet shade, with the wording “U.S Città di Pontedera” in gold on the back, the same shade as the team logo positioned symbolically over the heart.




The shirt shows the club’s colours divided in half, with the red on the right and the blue on the left, each side designed with the classical vertical stripes reproduced tone-on-tone. The same colours circle the neckline and sleeve borders.

“Hic sunt leones” (“Here there are lions”) printed in the lunette next to the inner sweatband, is another symbolic reference and team cheer.




With their elegant, minimalist lines, the home is white, as always, with a horizontal blue band across the chest, with a V-neck and sleeve borders edged in blue. The away model is the same but with the colours inverted.




To underline the very close bond between the town and the team from the Milanese hinterland, the jersey reproduces the iron decorations of the gates of the Sforza villas in the area tone on tone within the yellow and green horizontal bands on the front, while on the back it is on a completely yellow background.





Yellow and blue stand out on the first jersey in a perfect alternation accompanied by the tone on tone reproduction of the Eagle of St. Wenceslas, symbol of the Club and of the Autonomous Province of Trento. This dominates the background of both sides of the jersey and on the sleeves, creating an original graphic 'play'.




In keeping with tradition, the first shirt has a red background with an elegant tone on tone pattern that reproduces the symbol of the club, the white halberd. Both match kits have a smart polo collar, red for the former, white for the latter, with elegant contrasting buttons.




Homage to the club colours and simplicity characterise the mood of the kith which features classic colours, red and blue, and an elegant polo collar with details in both the same colour and in white.



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