Sitting Volleyball: Italy's two teams will be at the 2017 European Championships in Croatia from 4 to 12 November


The approaching Sitting Volleyball European Championships, in Poreč (Croatia), from 4 - 12 November will see, for the first time ever, the presence of both the Italian men’s and women's national teams, who will be wearing Erreà Sport kits.

This is the second appearance of the Italian men's national Sitting Volleyball team at a European competition (finished 12th in Germany in 2015), but for Italy’s women this will be their first time.These are the Rounds:


Pool A: Italy, Croatia, Poland

Pool B: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary, Serbia, Georgia

Pool C: Russia, Netherlands, Lithuania, Turkey

Pool D: Germany, Ukraine, Azerbaijan


Pool A: Croatia, Slovenia, Finland, Hungary

Pool B: Italy, Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Netherlands

The very best of luck to both our national teams!!!