Friday 25 May sees the start of the Men’s Volleyball Nations League


The Men's Volleyball Nations League starts on Friday 25 May.

It is an international competition that has replaced the World League and the Grand Prix and it ends with the final in Lille, France on 8 July.  

Erreà Sport will be working alongside Italy and France as they compete in the tournament, and in the next few days they will be playing the following matches (local time):  

25/05: Germany vs Italy - 5.00 pm, Kraljevo, Serbia  

25/05: France vs Iran - 8.00 pm, Rouen, France  

26/05: Italy vs Brazil - 4.00 pm, Kraljevo Serbia  

26/05: France vs Japan - 8.00 pm, Rouen, France  

27/05: France vs Australia - 6.00 pm, Rouen, France  

27/05 Italy vs Serbia - 7.00 pm, Kraljevo Serbia  

The women’s competition, which began on 15 May and ends on 1 July, with the final in Nanjing, China will see Erreà act as the official technical sponsor for Italy, Belgium and Netherlands.  

The matches to watch out for this week are:  

24/05 South Korea vs Italy - 12.00 pm, Suwon, South Korea  

24/05 Belgium vs USA - 8.40 am, Toyota, Japan  

24/05 Japan vs Netherlands - 12:10 pm Toyota, Japan  

27/05 Japan vs Belgium - 12:10 pm Toyota, Japan    

The men’s and women's Volleyball National League will also be visiting Italy in June.  

On 12,13 and 14 June the women of the Italian national team will be in Eboli, in the Campania region, whilst Blengini's men will be playing in Modena from 22 to 24 June. Save the dates!