USAP Perpignan's new kits for 2016-2017


USAP Perpignan's new kits for the forthcoming 2016-2017 season , and sporting the Erreà logo, have been unveiled.

In keeping with the traditional colours of light blue and blood red and gold, the new shirts are a mix of modernity and originality in details that evoke and underscore the club's history.

The First shirt features sky blue and light blue colours that divide the top down the middle. The shirt is enriched with dark blue inserts along the sides and inside the v-neck collar.

The red and yellow are nevertheless present in the thin vertical stripes at shoulder level and on the back of the collar. On the back, just below the collar, is a dedication to ‘Fernand Vaquer’, recalling a player who was the club's symbol and who won the French Championship with USAP in 1921.

In the second shirt the same model and two-tone colouring is repeated, but in red and yellow.

Both kits feature an extremely hard-wearing elasticised material and a thickened print on the front of the shirt designed to be resistant and cope with clashes during play.