Indoor World Cup 2016 Marrakesh: Fissore and Tonioli take silver!

Other Sports28/11/2016

Sunday 27 November saw the conclusion, in Marrakesh, Morocco, of the first leg of the Indoor Archery World Cup, with excellent results for the Erreà Active Tense brand ambassadors.

Italian archers brought home a total of four medals, including the two silvers won by Matteo Fissore, who lost the final to the US phenomenon Brady Ellison, and by Marcella Tonioli in the compound.

Matteo Fissore took the second spot on the podium in the men’s Olympic archery competition. This was an extraordinary result for Fix, who beat off all the competition except Brady Ellison. In the matches leading up to the final, he won 6-0 against Morocco’s Ismail Elalaoui, 7-3 against his team-mate Fabio Molfese and 6-5 (10*-10) against Frenchman Michael Sanna.Marcella Tonioli also took silver, in the women’s compound.

The Indoor World Cup will be back on 10 and 11 December, with the second leg in Bangkok.