The Icelandic fairy tale continues. Lagerback's team battles through to the quarter finals!


The Icelandic dream seems to never end.

England exited the tournament, defeated by an Icelandic team that, against all odds, not only qualified for the finals of Euro 2016, but then made it through to the last sixteen and now the quarter finals.

The national team - wearing the Erreà kit - that is rewarding their island's population of more than 300 thousand with a wonderful fairy tale, overcame a fearsome opponent such as England - that had failed to perform in this championship - but that nevertheless is still a team with players of international standing who are used to appearing in major competitions.

Extraordinary physical strength, enviable athletic preparation, but also faultless tactical organisation got the upper hand, cancelling out Rooney's early penalty and allowing them to hold on to their 2-1 lead through to the final whistle, having fended off all attempts at a comeback.

And so the tiny but mighty Iceland, the real revelation at Euro 2016, has deservedly won an unimaginable quarter final place against France.

Following their victory, the Icelanders also found the strength to perform an emotional Haka in front of the stands containing their fans. It's a spell-binding scene that gives us goose bumps just like the Icelandic winter, and the most wonderful so far in these Euros