The New York Times celebrates the rebirth of Parma Calcio and its return to Serie A!


Parma's return to Serie A, as seen through the eyes of the New York Times.  

The famous American newspaper has written an in-depth article on the rebirth and emotional roller coaster ride that, following three consecutive promotions, took Parma Calcio 1913 back to the top tier of Italian football.

As a tribute to the Parma team, the New York Times dispatched journalist Rory Smith and his photographer to the Tardini stadium for the first match of the season against Udinese. He reported on the yellow and blue team's return to take its place among the great names in Italian football, producing a veritable documentary on the city and its fans. All of it embellished by images of Parma, the stadium and above all the museum, where the article begins.

“There is a sense of order being restored, that everything is in its rightful place once more, that things are, at last, how they used to be” the New York Times reports. In reality, however, something has changed.

The article, in fact, underscores the new Parma’s major connection with the city, and the supporters’ even greater affection for their team. A sense of recognition between the team and the environment that characterises the future of this club. As is demonstrated by the trophies, that have once again taken their rightful place in the museum. “When they were auctioned off, several local industrialists bought them... and then gifted them back to the new club”.

Everything back where it belongs: just as Parma did with its return to Serie A.