Iceland's National Football team visits Parma and receives a warm welcome from the Tardily Stadium and its sponsor Erreà!


The Icelandic national football team, this year's revelation at Euro 2016, was welcomed by the city of Parma at the Ennio Tardini Stadium and at the headquarters of Erreà Sport, it's technical sponsor since 2002.

The Icelanders, led by their coach, Heimir Hallgrimsson, will be guests of the ducal city for a week, ahead of their visit to Zagreb to play a top-of-the-group 2018 World Cup Russia qualification match against Croatia. The team's first port of call was the Tardini Stadium, on Monday evening, 7 November, where the revelation of Euro 2016 held an open-door training session in front of large numbers of cheering fans and enthusiasts. The famous "geyser-sound", the chant that was to become so well-known and representative of the Icelandic team, loudly and clearly greeted the players from the main stand “ for the first time ever during a workout session”, said Hallgrimsson, who was amazed at the warmth and enthusiasm of the welcome.

An important break in this intense four-day training period, was a visit, on Tuesday 8 November, to the headquarters and historic home of Erreà Sport, for many years the Icelandic national team's official technical sponsor.  This uniquely historic visit has not only strengthened the long-standing bonds that have existed between the KSI and Erreà for years. It also provided the Icelanders with an opportunity to learn about the Parma-based company's passion and enthusiasm that led to the creation of the famous blue top and resulted in an incredible, and still ongoing, boom in sales, as well as it being voted the best top at Euro 2016.