The new Numancia de Soria shirts, sporting the Erreà logo, are traditional yet innovative.

Numancia's new shirts, that are in keeping with tradition but with the addition of unprecedented touches, were revealed on Wednesday 20 July at the club's headquarters.

The first kit , in the classic red, is embellished with blue finishes, like on the sleeve edges and on the collar, that has a tear-drop neckline. With tone on tone, which is new for this season, it has one of the city of Soria's symbolic images printed across the middle, namely the Hermitage of San Saturio, the18th-century sanctuary built on a rock face.

The garment is semi-fitted, whilst the fabric is once again Ti-Energy , characterised by the addition of silver and titanium nanoparticles to the fabric's fibres that provide antistatic, stain-resistant, water and oil-repellent properties. All three of the kits have the club's name stitched onto the back of the shirts, whilst the dates on the inside of the collar - 1945-2016 - highlight the club's seventy-one year history.

The Second away kit has the usual white background with important lilac finishes. The band, which runs across the shirt diagonally, is not a solid colour but has a nuanced graphic effect with club's coat of arms just above the position of the player's heart. The second shirt is embellished by mesh inserts on the sides and on the back. As is the case for all three official shirts, the garment and fabric are semi-fitted and Ti-energy .

Third shirt. The same model as the first, the third kit is in an aggressive black with red edging. The stylised Hermitage can be seen in grey across the middle of the shirt.