Archery World Cup - Antalya: qualifiers on 22 May. The compounds finals are on the 25th and the olympic finals on the 26th

Other Sports21/05/2018

The time has come for the second round of the Archery World Cup which began in Antalya (Turkey) on 20 May and finishes on the 26th.

There will be 361 archers from 48 countries, made up of 212 in the recurve and 149 in the compound divisions.  

The compound and olympic finals are scheduled for Friday and Saturday respectively. Following their excellent performances in Shanghai, Italy's athletes are expected to do well. Erreà will be rooting for its own endorsers in the competition: among the women, attention will focus on Vanessa Landi, winner of a bronze in the individual first round. With her will be team mates Lucilla Boari and Tatiana Andreoli who will be competing for the Junior title. The women’s compound will also see Marcella Tonioli who reached the quarter finals in Shanghai.

Attention will also focus on the matches and performances of the French national team, for which Erreà is the official technical sponsor. Good luck guys!!!