Erreà Quality System is a philosophy and a modus operandi that is a feature of the brand.

It is a constant point of reference that, on a daily basis, indicates the direction to be taken and, at the same time, the force that drives each and every action.

The day-to-day work that is geared towards achieving one clear, primary objective, namely working alongside every athlete, to provide a high-quality result.

Erreà and Quality, a combination that is the result of a coming together of key factors, distinctive strengths that have always set the brand apart from its competitors and rendered it universally valued:

the uniqueness of the garments produced, that are exclusive and always new and different from each other, is the result of listening to the wishes and needs of each individual customer;

the powerful sense of responsibility for the health of athletes and the protection of the environment, acknowledged through OEKO TEX CERTIFICATION;

the necessity to constantly innovate, investing in the search for new raw materials and fabrics and the choice of new state-of-the-art machinery;

and finally, the professionalism of qualified employees who are committed to responding competently, courteously and promptly, each and every day, to every request placed before them.

Quality, therefore, is the prerogative and goal towards which to strive, as a structured and integrated system of factors which, over time, will pinpoint and continue to highlight an idea and a brand. Erreà, serving sport as the perfect ally.



The creation of unique and exclusive garments, designed ad hoc to fulfil the wishes and needs of each individual customer.



The care and attention towards the health of the end consumer and the protection of the surrounding environment.



Ongoing innovation and research



Qualified employees serving customers day in and day out.