What freight forwarder does Erreà Sport S.p.A. use?

We use the major Italian and worldwide freight forwarder.


When should I receive my order?

The orders sent by 11:59 are shipped on the same day, while the orders sent later are shipped on the following working day. Deliveries are made during normal working hours, from Monday to Friday, weekends and holidays excluded. Standard delivery: Italy 2-4 working days, foreign countries 3-5 working days. For further information, please see our General Sales Conditions.


To which countries may the goods be shipped?

The goods may be delivered to the following Countries: Italy, France, Spain, United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Ireland, Luxembourg, Poland, Portugal, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Hungary Croatia, Estonia, Latvia and Norway. Wemay not deliver orders to Livigno, Campione d’Italia, San Marino and the Vatican City. The orders must be sent to the Online Store of the country in which you want the goods to be delivered. .


Where are the goods shipped from?

All the orders are prepared and shipped from our warehouse in San Polo di Torrile (PR), Italy.


What are the delivery costs?

Delivery costs are established according to the table below. They are inclusive of VAT and all costs pertaining to your order shipment to the indicated address. 


  • Italy € 6,50
  • France € 13,00
  • Spain € 13,00
  • United Kingdom € 13,00
  • The Netherlands € 13,00
  • Germany€ 13,00
  • Austria € 13,00
  • Belgium € 13,00
  • Denmark € 13,00
  • Finland € 13,00
  • Greece € 13,00
  • Ireland € 13,00
  • Luxembourg € 13,00
  • Poland € 13,00
  • Portugal € 13,00
  • Czech Republic€ 13,00
  • Slovakia € 13,00
  • Slovenia € 13,00
  • Sweden € 13,00
  • Switzerland € 15,50
  • Hungary € 13,00
  • Croatia € 13,00
  • Estonia € 13,00
  • Latvia € 13,00
  • Norway € 15,50

Can I have a free shipment?

If not otherwise indicated on our Website (e.g. special promotions during the year) delivery is free of charge for purchase amounts above 49 euros. Please consider that the minimum order value shall be calculated as the order value after deduction of any discount and after adding taxes and freight charges.


Is it possible to have my order sent to an address that is not the invoice address?

Yes. After entering the invoicing address during the checkout process, you may choose to enter a different delivery address.The delivery address must always be in the country of the Online Store from which the order is sent.


Can I choose an address in a country other than the one from which I sent my order?

The delivery address must always be in the same country of the Online Store from which you send the order.


After sending my order can I change the delivery address?

We do our best to process the orders within one working day; for this reason, after sending your order you may not change the delivery address. For further information, please contact us.