erreà sport

Erreà Sport is an Italian company specialised in the manufacture of technical sportswear, and an international business active in 80 different countries.

Founded in 1988, Erreà is a leading brand, universally recognised as being synonymous with quality, expertise and competence in sports.



In San Polo di Torrile, in the province of Parma, Angelo Gandolfi founds Erreà Sport.
July: Erreà's adventure begins in professional football: the first prestigious technical sponsorship contract in Serie A is signed with Genoa Calcio


Erreà expands its technical collaborations outside the Italian border and signs a fundamental sponsorship contract with the British Middlesbrough FC. It is the beginning of a historical partnership that will last 15 years and will make the Erreà brand known throughout Europe



These are the years in which Erreà participated for the first time in the most important trade fairs in Italy and abroad, strengthening the knowledge and visibility of its brand (first participation in Ispo Monaco and the Genoa Sport Show)


The Erreà Point circuit is born, the network of official Erreà retailers designed as a reference point for the local sports clubs and for all sports enthusiasts looking for teamwear and free time technical products



Erreà launches the 3Dwear line, the special intimate-technical line designed to help and improve, thanks to the seamless technology and the most innovative yarns, the performances of those who practice sport


With the away shirt of Burnley (season 2006-2007), Erreà wins the recognition of "Best Design of the Football League"
October: Erreà obtains for all its products the Oeko certification -Tex Standard 100 released by the most important international institute for 20 years, world reference point for textile safety and ecology
December: Erreà, in collaboration with the colossus Konami, makes the shirt largest in the world supporting a charity initiative of UNICEF at the launch of the video game Pro Evolution Soccer 2008



Erreà becomes the protagonist of a significant record: the production of unique and exclusive jerseys made thanks to the use of nanotechnology


Thanks to a right mix of creativity, intuition and innovation, the Erreà Republic line is born, dedicated to young people who love a fresh and contemporary street style



Erreà Sport registers and deposits its logo at the FIVB, the International Volleyball Federation which is the largest international volleyball control organization. Thanks to this registration, Erreà is recognized the possibility of dressing the national male and female representative teams of the different countries of the world


After years of targeted studies and technological research, the first Active Tense prototype is developed



The Active Tense line is officially launched in Europe and starts to be used successfully by professional and amateur athletes from the most diverse disciplines, from soccer to canoeing, from archery to baseball


The German Sport University in Cologne certifies with an important study the effectiveness of Active Tense products. Erreà Brazil is born
May: To get closer to the needs of its customers, enthusiasts, athletes and sports clubs, Erreà opens its first e-commerce site



Erreà Usa, the office dedicated to developing and promoting in the North American market the 3D Wear line and Active Tense garments, opens in New York


Erreà with the Icelandic National of Soccer celebrates his first historic participation in the European Championships in France. The sales point in Senegal is inaugurated.



After the Nationals of Sitting Volley, the refereeing class and the young promises of the Club Italia, in March Erreà becomes a technical sponsor of the National Volleyball Championship for Men and Women.


March: Erreà celebrates the 30th anniversary of its foundation
June: For the first time in its history Erreà is present at a Football World Cup, where it kits out the Icelandic national team at Russia 2018
September: The Italian men’s national volleyball team qualifies for the Final Six of the World Championship in Turin
October: The Italian women’s national volleyball team wins a silver medal at the World Volleyball Championships in Japan
November: Erreà renews and relaunches the new communications campaign regarding Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Certification



January: The new STRIPE ID range is launched. The new range of casual and leisurewear garments is characterised by the iconic and totally customised stripe


We strive every day to bring, with our garments, quality and wellbeing in those who love and practice sport, creating products that want to make a difference in the performance of the wearer.

We want to be the number one brand and product choice for athletes and sports clubs all over the world.

This is why we strive to be a leader in the teamwear sector through brands built on the passion for sport, technological innovation and stylistic design.


The Mission lies in the behaviors that guide our Company every day, the plan that directs our work, the goals to follow in order to translate our Vision into reality.

Here are our goals for the future:

  • Pursue continuous improvement by increasing our levels of efficiency, quality, readiness and customer service.
  • To win on the market by strengthening our leadership and expanding into the most attractive markets
  • Offer sportswear and technicians able to improve the sporting gesture of those who use them.
  • Building a winning network of customers and suppliers and creating a profitable and long-lasting synergy with them.
  • Reduce our impact on the planet by contributing responsibly to building communities that are sustainable.


Our values guide our actions, outline our behavior and inspire our people.


It is the passion for sport and for one's own work lived with heart and mind.


It is the strength to evolve, to choose new paths and to be reactive to changes.


It is that articulated concept that sums up a series of essential elements for us, such as being proud of one's own identity and history, consistency with company principles, credibility, and strong ties with the territory.


It is humility, the desire to investigate the market and learn from it, listening to it.


It is to leverage on the collective contribution that derives from the individual contribution of everyone in the Company.


It is the desire to offer excellent products with the highest quality and safety standards.

Product and research study.

It is the priority that every day we reserve, in our efforts and investments, for the improvement of the product from a technological and design point of view.

Satisfaction and attention to the consumer.

It is the first and great responsibility that we feel invested with. Service and customer care are our prerogative.

Attention to the environment.

It is one of the essential values that guides our business conduct in the awareness that true ecology is first and foremost anti-consumption.